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faith and fellowship

At Faith United, we believe there is nothing more important than having a personal intimate relationship with Jesus who is the Christ. We understand our personal relationship with Christ also should identify us as believers based on our relationship with others. This is how and why we have our Goal: To Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, with all thy Soul and with all thy Mind. And to love our neighbor as thyself. Matthew 22:37-40

One of many ways we are working to accomplish this goal is through our Discipleship Ministries. These ministries are designed to encourage the gathering of saints, build strong godly relationships among those of common groupings, and promote opportunities to disciple others. Each the group offers greater intimacy to each participant and the opportunity to address issues and struggles that are specific to that group whether it is age or gender. Each ministry is Jesus-centered, focused on helping all participants to come to Christ and grow in Christ. Each of the ministries are intended to help everyone understand the gospel, respond to the gospel, build their faith and apply the gospel to every aspect of their daily life. The expectation is that the activities in each ministry will intentionally look at the needs of the participants within the local church and the local community and strategically strive to meet those needs.

But it's not just about women being active. It's about women being intentional. The key to women's ministry is looking at the needs of the women in the local church and the local community and thinking strategically about how best to meet those needs. Women's ministry provides an opportunity to get together as sisters in the Lord, where being a Christian is the common ground, with the goals of strengthening relationships with Jesus and with each other.

The following are links to each of our Discipleship ministries and associated persons to contact if you are interested in joining them:

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry

Singles Ministry

Classic Christians



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