Ministerial Staff


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Ministerial staff

The Ministerial Staff has been established as a support team for the Senior Pastor, Franklin Peterson. It consists of men and women of God who have been called into the ministry of preaching and selected by Pastor to serve in this capacity. Of highest importance to each minister will be to maintain personal standards of Godliness based upon Biblical Principles and adhering to the church covenant, both of which results in an compromised testimony within the church and Community.

Within the Ministerial Staff, there are two key positions designated to further assist Pastor with the overall care of the church. The first is the Pastor of Worship who is considered to be the ‘second in charge’ and will be called upon to preach and teach on a regular basis. He is responsible to assist the Senior Pastor with ministerial and support needs as they arise. Min. Terrance Ellison is our Pastor of Worship. Besides preaching and teaching at the direction of Pastor, he will oversee the worship experience including worship leader and spiritual advisor to worship ministries (Ushers, Nurses, Media, Dance, Music, Greeters, Deacons, etc).

The Administrative Pastor is responsible for providing administrative support to the Pastor. They will be focusing on assisting with strategic vision, facilitating staff and leadership meetings, working on outreach events and spiritual advisor to all discipleship ministries (Women, Young Adults, KFC, Teaching team, Evangelism, etc). Min. Jacqueline Carthran, as Administrative Pastor, will also support the Senior Pastor various ministerial assistance as needs arise including preaching and teaching at the direction of Pastor.

Our Ministerial Staff:

Min. Donell Eley, Min. Eveylyn Jones, Min. Jacqueline Carthran, Sr. Pastor Franklin Peterson, Min. Terrance Ellison, Min. Rainbow Israel, Min. Dormelia Avent, Min. Sean Gamble, and Min. Dante Peterson

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